Elevation Certificate / L.O.M.A

An Elevation Certificate is a Federal Emergency Management Agency form used to document the elevation of your building or structure as it compares with the Base Flood Elevation (BFE) of the 100-year flood for your property.  The difference between the structure and flood elevations is used to determine and mitigate the risks for construction and insurance applications.


If you are paying for flood insurance and do not have an Elevation Certificate, then you are most likely paying an inflated premium. For an insurance agency to know the true risk of your home, you must obtain an Elevation Certificate. Obtaining an elevation certificate, will never increase your premium.

What is a Letter of Map Amendment?

A Letter of Map Amendment (LOMA) is an official document from FEMA that is required to get out of the high-risk flood zone and stop paying the mandatory federal flood insurance imposed by banks or lenders.  Once we have an FEMA Elevation Certificate we can prepare an application packet to request this document from FEMA on your behalf.

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